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Claudio Nunes

on 05 August 2012. Posted in Biography

Fulvio meets Claudio Nunes in 1981 during a Junior Campus in Odense, Denmark.
Amont the participants there are 24 italians. Being the only two without a partner, they start playing together. Fulvio is 18 and Claudio only 13 years old.

When back to Italy, they go on playing bridge but separately. Fulvio with his bridge friends from Ostia Bridge Club and Claudio with Roman bridge players.

Some years later, during the national junior championships, they meet again and decide to start playing together steadily.

Between 1997 and 2000 the pair separates, because of the sponsor Francesco Angelini's choice to engage Claudio but not Fulvio for Angelini Green team. The following renewal of Fulvio's contract with Angelini allows the pair to come back together.

From 2000 on, Fulvio and Claudio stop playing the Roman Club system (short-long, negative answers) and, on the base of a prototype conceived by Fulvio and Danilo De Pauli (inspired by a Carlo Mosca's idea), they start building their system, at first named Fly and later renamed Fantunes by their fans.

In partnership together, the Fantunes win all the most prestigious titles, starting from the World Open Pairs Championships in Montreal in 2002.

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