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Main Photo 2012 2Hi all :)
The first board I am going to tell you in 2015 was played last week during a very important and special tournament: the Night of the Stars.

The Night of the Stars is an yearly event, which is able to bring champions and enthusiastic Bridge players together, and to transforms their communal love for Bridge into tangible help to persons in need of care and to the associations that support them.

Behind this tournament there is an impeccable organization, which besides giving the participants the possibility to spend a wonderful evening together, this year was able to raise no less than 50,500 £. This huge amount of money will be donated to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, to Maggie's, Mencap and React. So I wish to address my most heart-felt compliments to the whole organization, and, one for all, to Terry Hewett. She is the one who always contacts me for this tournament and I had the opportunity to appreciate the terrific will, the tenacity and the enthusiasm that she puts in the management of this event.

My partner for this tournament was Jonathan Harris. Jonathan and I are very good friends and I am always very happy to play with him. We have good affinity at the table; besides, he is very nice, I strongly appreciate his sense of humor and I always have a great time with him.

Fulvio Fantoni, Jonathan and Jennifer HarrisFulvio, Jonathan and Jennifer

Despite that, we initially had some very unlucky boards that relegated us in... "the seediest part of London". But then Jonathan pulled out his well-known character and his grit and was able to put our race back on the right track. Thanks to an amazing recovery we finished the tournament with a good 57.75%!

Here is a board with some technical implications from the tournament:

Fulvio Fantoni Bridge Board

In the silence of the opponents, East opens 1NT (weak) and West bids 2NT.
East bids 30fiori (forced) and West bids 30cuori, with the intention of describing his 5-4 shaped hand with minors and the Hearts singleton. The bid is misunderstood by his partner, who raises to 40cuori.
West bids 4NT, in the hope to contain the misunderstanding, but East takes it for Blackwood and bids 50cuori to show the Aces. The pair thus reaches 6NT.

South leads the 0fiori7. Declarer ducks, North takes with the King and plays the 0cuoriK back, captured by East's Ace.

Declarer crosses to dummy via the 0quadriA and plays the 0piccheQ, which holds. Being the 0piccheK well placed, declarer tries to make five tricks in Diamonds, two in Clubs, one in Hearts and four in Spades, if the suit is breaking 3-3.

West continues with the 0piccheJ. This is the crucial point: North must be careful and absolutely insert the King, otherwise he will fall in the seediest part even more! :)

In fact, if he heedlessly ducks, West will be able to play Clubs to the Queen and to cash his Diamonds, so producing a Spades/Hearts squeeze on North. In fact this would be the situation:

Fulvio Fantoni Bridge Board

On the 0fioriA, North would have to resign and discard a Spade (so allowing his opponent to make two more tricks in the suit and all the remaining tricks), or a Heart (so promoting East's 0cuoriJ).

Automatisms can be useful to save a player's energy but they can also be dangerous... Luckily at our table North was awake enough not to insert the King!

Friendly and warm regards to all the friends I had the pleasure to meet again in London and to the organizers. Congratulations to the winners Kitty Teltscher and Willie Coyle Big!
Big hugs and special thanks to my partner Jonathan for the wonderful evening we spent together and for his contribution to the success of this event. Ciao Jonathan, see you soon for our usual lunch together with Jennifer and Iolanda in the Côte d'Azur! :) 





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Reisinger 2014

Non c'è stato niente da fare: siamo stati eliminati già alle qualificazioni... E così, il titolo della Reisinger 2014 andrà a un'altra squadra.
Questa trasferta americana è proprio da dimenticare, ma da qui ora ci trasferiamo a Pechino per giocare i World Mind Games. Speriamo che... In un continente nuovo, con un torneo nuovo, ci si anche un risultato nuovo!



Da Providence

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ProvidenceCiao a tutti da Providence! :)
Siamo qui da qualche giorno per il National americano d'Autunno. Oggi inizierà la gara più importante, la Reisinger, con formula Board-a-Match.

In attesa della competizione clou, abbiamo continuato il training con il nostro coach Martens, che ormai tutti conoscono come "il Maestro".

Nei giorni scorsi, ci siamo anche "allenati" partecipando a un altro torneo BAM... che però è andato malissimo! Sperando di aver chiuso tutta la sfortuna nei board di quella gara, cominciamo la Reisinger fiduciosi, pur sapendo che... La nostra prima avversaria sarà la statistica: è difficile confermare un titolo per tre edizioni consecutive (dopo il 2012 e il 2013) e sarà ancora più dura in questa annata di secondi posti. Ce la metteremo tutta. Forza Monaco!! :)






Toward Providence

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Hi all :)
After a long absence due to many travels and tournaments... here I am, ready to update the website :)

During these months, the most important event was of course the world championship, the World Bridge Series in China, Sanya.
In the course of the event, our best result was the second place in the Open Teams championship. So we could add another silver medal to the numerous second places we collected this year!! From one side, being at the second place many times can be a little frustrating, especially when you miss the gold medal by a hair, like during last European Championships... From the other side, on the contrary, you don't have to lose sight of the fact that the second place is... the place right after the first one! So we are happy that our team is in a good shape.

The winner was the Polish team Mazurkiewicz, of Piotr Gawrys, Stanislaw Golebiowski, Krzysztof Jassem, Michal Klukowski, Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Wlodzimierz Starkowski, Marcin Mazurkiewicz. I still did not have the chance to congratulate with them in the website. Well done!

Here is a photo from the prize-giving:

Team Monaco - World Bridge Series 2014

Before the end of the year, there are still two important competitions.

First of all the Reisinger, to be held in Providence this year. The tournament is BAM and it is the most important competition of the Winter NABC. In the past years this competition was good for us: in 2011 we place second, while in 2012 and 2013 we got the gold medal. So we would really like to confirm our title... even at the cost of ruining our collection of silver medals! ;)

After Providence, we are directly flying to Beijing, for the World Mind Games. Even for this competition we have a title to defend. But I have one more responsibility: for the second time I will be one of the two Bridge ambassadors, with my friend Wang Wenfei. So even this time we will have the chance to tell all the international media about Bridge, and to explain why it is the best game in the world!

I will keep you updated about these events :)
See you soon






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