VV Cup 2014: classifica definitiva

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1. De Botton: 192.29
2. Era 157.51
3. Mazurkiewicz 152.98
4. Monaco 147.82
5. Vytas 139.28
6. Real 112.98
7. Breno 112.02
8. Ventin 105.12


VV Cup

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Ciao a tutti :)
Ci troviamo in Lituania, a Trakai, per la prima edizione della VVCup.
Il torneo è stato ideato da Vytautas Vainikonis. Vytas, grande appassionato e grande giocatore, ha voluto organizzare qui nella sua Lituania una sfida fra otto squadre di alto livello. Grazie mille quindi a lui per la sua squisita ospitalità e per la passione con cui si dedica alla promozione del Bridge.

La formula di gara è quella del doppio round robin. Le otto formazioni in campo sono:

V. Vainikonis, W. Olanski, B. Gierulski, J. Skrzypczak, L. Fisher, R. Schwartz

E. Vainikonis, A. Arlovich, K. Martens, D. Filipowicz, R. Pachtman, B. Tarnovski

De Botton:
J. de Botton, A. Malinowski, T.E. Hoftaniska, D. Bilde, K. Buras, G. Narkiewicz

R. Zaleski, M. di Franco, A. Manno, M. Lanzarotti

J. Ventin, F. Wrang, F. Nystrom, J. Upmark, M.C. Tokay

A. Gromov, A. Dubinin, E. Gladysh, M. Krasnosselski

P. Zimmermann, F. Multon, F. Fantoni, C. Nunes, T. Helness, J. Allavena

M. Mazurkiewicz, K. Jassem, J. Kalita, M. Nowosadzki, C. Balicki, S. Golebiowski






Toward North or toward South?

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Hi all :)
Spingold keeps going and today is the quarter final day. These are the scheduled matches:

Team Grue - Lavazza
Silverstein - Monaco
Hamman - Team Assael
Meltzer - Schwartz

Before joining the table, I will tell you about an interesting board from the last segment in the evening, yesterday:

FF 2014 07 25 m1

In both the rooms, West is declarer in 40picche.
Claudio and I are playing in defense. On my 0fioriK lead, Claudio plays the 0fiori4, showing attitude in the suit. I play the 0fioriA, which unequivocally means that Ace and King are stiff, and Claudio puts the 0fiori9 to show values in the highest suit between the two remaining ones (Hearts and Diamonds; besides, during the auction we bidded Hearts and found Hearts fit). Claudio sees the possibility to take with his 0cuoriK if I have the Ace.
I play the 0cuoriJ in order to let my partner know that I don't have the 0cuoriA (in that case I would play a low one in order to invite him to take with his 0cuoriK). So now Claudio knows that if declarer doesn't put the 0cuoriQ he has to play a low card.
And so it is, West calls a small one from dummy, Claudio puts a low one and declarer takes with the 0cuoriA. The 0picche9 goes to dummy's Ace, then West plays Hearts from dummy, ruffs, cashes the 0piccheK and comes back to dummy by playing a small Spades to the 0picche7.
He ruffs another Hearts and plays Clubs, so endplaying South.

FF 2014 07 25 m3

When Claudio plays a Diamond back, West decides to go for 0quadriQ and 0quadriJ in two differend hands and finishes down one.

In the other room the situation is completely different.

The start is the same (0fioriK, 0fioriA and 0cuoriJ taken by West's Ace), then Geir, the declarer, plays the 0piccheK, taken by dummy's Ace. Now he plays the 0cuoriQ, so forcing South's 0cuoriK. He ruffs, cashes the 0piccheQ, plays Spades to the 7 and... 0cuori7, throwing his Clubs' loser and endplaying North instead of South.

FF 2014 07 25 m4

Even if I don't know how the bidding went at their table, I suppose that after West's opening North has shown the Hearts suit, so revealing to hold some honors. Thus declarer can be pretty sure that North has at least a Diamonds' honor, so endplaying North seems a more effective strategy. Geir thus finds the only way to make the hand if North has both Diamonds' honors.
When North plays the 0quadriQ unfortunately Geir decides to go for breaking honors and takes with the Ace... So despite the completely different strategy and the fact that Geir had put himself in the best position, the result is the same, but this is not important (even because luckily the points were enough to pass the round!) ;)

See you soon for some updates




Updates from Las Vegas

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Hi all :)
Despite a low performance yesterday, thanks to our great team-mates we could pass Spingold's Wednesday.
Now, with only 16 teams still in play, we are joining the core of the competition.

Today these matches are going to be played:

Pan China Red (Ze Jun Zhuang, Hoajun Shi, Chuan Cheng Ju, Zheng Jun Shi, seed n. 32)
Grue-Moss (Brad Moss, Leslie Amoils, Fred Gitelman, Tom Hanlon, Justin Lall, seed n. 16)

Zagorin (Daniel Zagorin, Kevin Bathurst, Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver, seed n. 9)
Lavazza (Gorgio Duboin, Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Alejandro Bianchedi, Zia Mahmood, seed n. 8)

Allegaert (Winthrop Allegaert, Jack Zhao, Jill Levin, Jenny Wolpert, Judith Bianco, James Krekorian, seed n. 33)
Silverstein (Aaron Silverstein, Andrew Rosenthal, Bjorn Fallenius, Johan Upmark, Fredrik Nystrom, Peter Fredin, seed n. 12)

Gu (Rong Jie Gu, Hing Yan Chen, Peijie Zang, Yi Zhuo Zhang, Zhen Peng Li, seed n. 52)
Monaco (Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Claudio Nunes, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Fulvio Fantoni, seed n. 4)

Nickell (Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein, seed n. 2)
Hamman (Bob Hamman, Peter Weichsel, Ross Grabel, Howard Weinstein, Brian Glubok, Roger Lee, seed n. 18)

Assael (Antonio Sementa, Alexander Smirnov, Josef Piekarek, Mustafa Cem Tokay, seed n. 10)
McAllister (John McAllister, Startaj Hans, Peter Gill, Sam Lev, seed n. 35)

Coren (Richard Coren, Fred Stewart, Nikolay Demirev, Eldad Ginossar, Kit Woolsey, Jan Jansma, seed n. 27)
Meltzer (Rose Meltzer, John Mohan, Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Ron Smith, Steve Garner, seed n. 22)

Schwartz (Richard Schwartz, Allan Graves, Lotan Fisher, Ron Schwartz, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist, seed n. 19)
Harris (Martin Harris, Adam Wildavsky, Doug Doub, Jacob Morgan, seed n. 30)

We, Monaco team, are thus going to face the Chinese team Gu, about which I have little to say because I don't know any of the players. Nickell versus Hamman is surely going to be a very interesting match.
See you soon for some updates :)


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